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Rupesh Kumar

Corporate Journey.....!!!!


  Rupesh is a live wire serial entrepreneur who has a strong sales,marketing and advertising insight. He has successfully launched and developed start-ups like Wizrenovars, Uweus Ventures and Writerly publications, after an eventful and fruitful career in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has worked with industry stalwarts across India. He has a very solid grasp of the functioning of the corporate machinery.   

Keen Strategist !!!!


Having almost 15 years of experience in hardcore sales that too Companies like LG,WeP,Tvse  and Regenesis,always work hard to achieve the task assigned and build team for organisation's future.

Believe in taking risk and always supported innovative ideas. After being Founder member of three startup in different domain now working on an idea of  360 degree approach for young mind under banner of super deoghar.

A team player,motivational friend and  a leader  from front !!!!

An Author !!!!



It all started from writing poems and plays in college and school days. During his MBA started giving presentation as a form of skit.

Become Published Author with book "Straight from Life" .This book is dealing with journey of an MBA grad,his dilema and future.

His poems and articles use to published in various newspaper and poetry collections.

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Rupesh Kumar

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